ONE MINUTE SHIFTERS (OMS) – Are short stories that take less than one minute to read – but are left with you to resonate throughout your day.

OMS’s are a conversation between the Master and his disciples. The Master in these tales is not a single person. He is a Hindu Guru, a Zen Roshi, a Taoist Sage, a Jewish Rabbi, a Christian Monk, a Sufi Mystic. He is Lao-tzu and Socrates; Buddha and Jesus. His teachings are found in the sixth century B.C. and the twentieth century A.D. His wisdom belongs to East and West alike.

It will only take a minute to read each one. You will probably find the Master’s language baffling, exasperating, even downright meaningless.

This, is not an easy method! It was written not to instruct but to Awaken. Concealed within these web pages (not in the printed words, not even in the tales, but in its spirit, its mood, its atmosphere) is a Wisdom which cannot be conveyed in human speech. As you read the web page and struggle with the Master’s cryptic language, it is possible that you will unwittingly chance upon the Silent Teaching that lurks within this website, and be Awakened and transformed.

This is what Wisdom means: To be changed without the slightest effort on your part,to be transformed, believe it or not, merely by waking to the reality that is not words, that lies beyond the reach of words.

If you are fortunate enough to be Awakened thus, you will know why the finest language is the one that is not spoken, the finest action is the one that is not done and the finest change is the one that is not willed.

CAUTION: Take the tales in tiny doses, one or two at a time. An overdose will lower their potency. In the 30 day course you will receive a One Minute Shifter email daily.