• As you wake up in the morning, allow yourself some slow, mindful breaths before you get out of bed. One minute of mindful breathing can work wonders in all the subtle bodies.
  • Eat breakfast without reading,  watching television,  talking on the phone, texting or checking social media. Eat silently for all or at least ONE MINUTE of your meal. Apply to Lunch and Dinner as well.
  • Several times during the day, allow yourself to become aware of your breathing and re-center your self.One Minute.
  •  On your trip back home,take ONE Minute to appreciate what you’ve accomplished that day.Pat yourself in the back for your accomplishments and your challenges as all are part of your daily life
  • At night, if you watch television, turn down the sound during commercials, close your eyes, and allow yourself some mindful breaths. for One Minute.
  • As you go back to bed and prepare to sleep, feel your body relaxing,  let go of past days activities and the anticipation of tomorrows activities. Take three deep breaths clearing your mind and auric field. Then slowly feel yourself going to sleep. 

Beginning Mindfulness requires moments of silence, shifting our attention momentarily to our Breathing. Incorporating tidbits of this practice within our daily routines will help us experience a shift in our life when it comes to  interpersonal relationships ,creating an atmosphere of kindness , compassion and communication.